Watch: Professor urges Phoenix to become a ‘sanctuary city’ for unborn children


Renowned theologian and apologist Dr. James White urged the city of Phoenix to stop abortion and become a “sanctuary city for the preborn.”

During an impassioned three-minute speech before the Phoenix City Council this week, White compared abortion to the Nazi concentration camp, “Buchenwald,” near Weimar, Germany, where more than 240,000 Jews were imprisoned and about 43,000 died.

What did he say?

His plea began with a look back at World War II.

“In April 1945, American forces were moving into the heart of Germany and they freed a city called Weimar,” White began in his speech to council members. “It’s a beautiful little city. Right up on the hill outside of Weimar was a very large camp. We know it today as the Buchenwald concentration camp.

“What they found there has become stuff of legend,” he said. “But for example, the camp superintendent’s wife was fascinated by human skin. She had a lampshade made of human skin. She was fascinated by tattoos that she would have people killed and have their tattoos preserved. – READ MORE

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