WATCH: Powerful video shows Iranians demonstrating more respect for the US flag than Colin Kaepernick has


As protestors took to the streets of Tehran this weekend calling for the resignation of Ayatollah Khamenei, a video shows thousands of them demonstrating more respect toward the flags of the U.S. and Israeli than, frankly, many Americans, like Colin Kaepernick and others, show to Old Glory.

The 12-second video was shared early Sunday morning on Twitter by an account known as “@mamlekate.”

“Today, the crowd in an Iranian university refused to trample US and Israel flag #LoveBeyondFlags. These IR ideologies, like forced hijab, are falling one by one,” it reads in a caption.

The video shows thousands of protestors marching in Iran, approaching an American and Israeli flags that appear to be painted on the floor, and most of them carefully walking around them to avoid stepping on the national symbols. – READ MORE

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