WATCH: Police Bodycam Footage Shows Moment-By-Moment Arrest Of George Floyd For The First Time


Newly-released bodycam footage from two police officers who interacted with George Floyd offers the most comprehensive documentation yet of the events leading up to his arrest and death.

Published Monday by the Daily Mail after it was leaked to the outlet, bodycam footage from Officers Thomas Lane, 37, and Alex Kueng, 26, shows the officers approaching Floyd’s vehicle after responding to a call that he was allegedly using counterfeit money at Cup Foods.

Floyd is immediately distressed, agitated, and uncooperative with the officers, who demand he open his door and show them his hands. When he does not immediately show both hands, Lane pulls a handgun and points it at Floyd’s head. When Floyd places his hands on his head, Lane holsters the weapon. In the car with Floyd is his ex, Shawanda Hill, and a friend, Maurice Hall.

When Lane orders Floyd out of his car, Floyd says, “Okay, Mr. Officer, please don’t shoot me. Please, man.” Lane assures him he won’t shoot him, but Floyd begins sobbing and telling them how he “just lost my mom,” who died two years prior. Floyd continues to behave erratically as officers tell him to stop resisting arrest. – READ MORE

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