WATCH: Out of Touch Joe Scarborough Laughs at Economic Growth


In another blatant display of just how out of touch the liberal media has become since the election of President Trump, on Monday’s Morning Joe, MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski took turns laughing at the incredible economic progress that has been made under Donald Trump.

After playing a clip from his Friday news conference, they bounced off insults and laughter, almost as if they were completely ignorant of the 4.1% projected growth for the quarter.

Scarboroughs claimed folks can use the “Google machine” to see the evident recovery from Bush, Obama, and onto Trump. Did Joe not realize on the “Google machine” you can see the sudden explosion of economic investment after the historic tax cuts and deregulation that has happened since President Trump was elected? Evidently not.READ MORE

The 2Q GDP was over 4 percent, but according to the New York Times, that seems a bit high:Why

Friday’s G.D.P. Number May Be a Size Too Big 

James Woods does the pointing and laughing for us:

Hey, the Times would have reported it the same way if Obama were still president, right? *Eye roll* – READ MORE

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