WATCH: New Stunning Private Footage Of Roger Stone’s FBI Arrest — Shows CNN Working With FEDS Who Trashed Stone’s House


You thought the CNN footage of Roger Stone’s FBI raid and arrest was alarming?

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Stone captured video himself that show many things, including the Feds working with CNN prior to the 5 am raid.

That was before FBI agents ripped Stone’s phones out of the wall and messed with his security cameras and walked away with DVRs that recorded the raid.

But they forgot one DVR, Stone said.

Its contents are alarming, as it shows the FBI banging on Stone’s door without identifying it was the FBI. The CNN footage did not include that.

“This is what these thugs do,” said Mike Moore, True Pundit’s chief muckraker.

“They do this so suspects might act out and do something irrational so the FBI can shoot, tackle, assault or simply humiliate them akin to the Nazis in Germany.

Now the world gets a front row seat to what my family had to endure at gunpoint twice by these same terrorists.”


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