WATCH: MSNBC’s Joy Reid claims Trump supporters are racists who revolted against ‘smart people’


MSNBC host Joy Reid just launched a vile attack on supporters of President Donald Trump, reminding all of us just how little liberal elites think of conservatives.

While covering the Nevada Caucuses, Reid revealed why she thinks Trump won the 2016 election, and she unsurprisingly chalked his victory up to racism.

“Even though Donald Trump did not have a majority, the hungry constituency was a lot of white ethnic voters, north and south, who said ‘we’re taking this country back from the brown people, the immigrants. We’re getting rid of unlawful migration,’” Reid said.

Reid went on to imply that Republicans are less intelligent than liberals. Paraphrasing what she felt they were thinking, Reid said, ‘We don’t care what you say… The smart, the smarty pants, the college educated…forget them. We’re the hungriest.’” – READ MORE

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