WATCH: Luis Gutierrez triggered by ‘USA!’ chants, flees House chamber


Luis Gutierrez, the illegal alien-loving congressman from Illinois, appeared to be triggered during President Trump’s soaring rhetoric during the State of the Union address and fled the House chamber. (AMERICAN MIRROR)

Those who hung around long enough to watch the official Democratic response to the State of the Union were treated to Rep. Joe Kennedy speaking in front of a car (a brave choice), but there was something distracting.

When we started seeing tweets about him drooling, we thought people were joking about his age … but no, that wasn’t it. Was he actually … drooling? (TWITCHY)

Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.) offered an all-out rebuke of President Trump‘s first year in office in the Democratic response to the State of the Union address, accusing the president of drastically reshaping the United States and exacerbating political divisions.

“Many have spent the past year anxious, angry, afraid,” Kennedy said in the Democratic rebuttal. “We all feel the fault lines of a fractured country. We hear the voices of Americans who feel forgotten and forsaken.”

Kennedy’s remarks came minutes after Trump wrapped up his first State of the Union address, which set out an ambitious agenda for the future while taking a victory lap on much of his first year in office. – READ MORE

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