WATCH: Kimmel tells people Christopher Columbus recently confirmed to Supreme Court. They all believe it.


Late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel and his production team convinced Californians that the Senate recently voted to confirm the late Christopher Columbus to the Supreme Court, and didn’t have to do much work to accomplish it.

On Monday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the host announced that his production team hit the streets of Los Angeles in order to gauge the public’s opinion of the new controversial Supreme Court justice.

No, not that one, the 500-plus-year-old explorer, Christopher Columbus.

In introducing the segment — “Lie Witness News” — Kimmel said, “You know, I mentioned Columbus at the top of the show, and Columbus is, I think, of all the historical figures, George Washington, Lincoln. Columbus might be the third that we learned the most about in elementary school, so people should know who he is, right?” – READ MORE

MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff traveled to California to ask voting-age students if they are animated to vote in the 2018 midterm elections this November.

Soboroff traveled to the University of California Irvine, which has a student population of over 20 thousand. Students were asked a variety of questions by MSNBC, including one asking whether they plan on voting in just a month.- READ MORE

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