WATCH: Hysterical veteran activists hound Dan Crenshaw, follow him into a private elevator. Crenshaw’s response is nothing short of classy.


Veteran activists confronted Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) in Washington, D.C., on Thursday for supporting President Donald Trump.

Common Defense, a national grassroots activist group comprised of veterans and military families, posted video of the encounter on Twitter, insisting that Crenshaw “hid in an elevator” when the vets confronted him in the halls of the Cannon House Office Building.

In the video, two men identified as U.S. Army veterans Jason Hurd, 40, and Alan Pitts, 36, approached Crenshaw and berated him.

“How can you let a criminal like Donald Trump run roughshod over our democracy and shred everything that you and I fought for?” Hurd can be heard asking Crenshaw. “How can you just sit there idly by and not do your duty?” – READ MORE

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