WATCH: High School Kid Owns Far-Left Colorado Governor Jared Polis


Last Friday, when far-left Colorado Governor Jared Polis appeared in Fort Morgan to meet with Morgan County agriculture producers, members of the oil and gas industry and local government officials who have been critical of his policies, one high school student blasted Polis with criticisms of the governor, arguing that Coloradans aren’t happy with him and are “dumbstruck about what you’ve done.”

The student, Ky Chapman, took Polis to task for his support of the bill to award Colorado’s electoral votes to the national popular vote victor, thus circumventing the Electoral College; his support of the “red flag bill,” which permits family members, roommates, or law enforcement to petition a judge to remove a person’s firearms if they’re considered dangerous to themselves or others; his passing of an oil and gas bill that essentially ignored Coloradans’ defeat of Proposition 112 last November, and his removal of a tax exemption for fertilizers, which hurts farmers. Chapman concluded, “You say you want to be a governor for all. Yet all we’ve seen you do is be a governor for Boulder.” – READ MORE

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