WATCH: Hackers Use Amazon Ring Security Cameras to Abuse Children, Hurl Racial Slurs


Reports have begun flooding in of Amazon Ring camera systems being hacked over the past few days, with the hackers hurling racial abuse at owners, interacting with their children, and even demanding ransom payments.

ABC News reports that owners of Amazon Ring home security cameras have begun reporting incidents of their camera’s being hacked over recent days. Owners of the cameras in Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and Texas have all reported that hackers have accessed their cameras and used their speakers to subject them to racial abuse, encourage children to engage in destructive behavior, and even demanded a ransom in Bitcoin.

Ashley Lemay, a mother from Mississippi told ABC’s Good Morning America: “I can’t even put into words how violated I feel. It really is like my worst nightmare.” Lemay had installed a Ring camera in her daughter’s room to watch over her while she worked overnight shifts as a nurse, but four days after installing the camera her eight-year-old daughter Alyssa heard music and a banging noise coming from the room where the camera was installed. – READ MORE

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