WATCH: Gun Owners on MSNBC Focus Group Laugh at Idea of Buybacks


Several gun owners on an MSNBC focus group laughed at the notion of “buybacks,” a confiscation proposal made by two failed Democratic presidential candidates.

“Who thinks that’s a good idea?” MSNBC host Ali Velshi asked the group of eight Wisconsin gun owners. Some laughed and smirked, and one quipped, “I bought mine for a million bucks, so if they’re willing to pay me that.”

The gun owners’ derision reflects the soured political prospects for radical gun-control proposals, including those advanced by former presidential contender Beto O’Rourke. The former representative’s pivot to gun control did not bolster his flagging poll numbers or forestall his exit from the race.

Retired police officer Gregory Phillips said changing gun laws would be “silly” and told Velshi the issue was his top concern when picking a presidential candidate. – READ MORE

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