WATCH: Google Whistleblower’s Shocking Details About How Google Censors Conservatives & Trump (VIDEO)


Google whistleblower and former senior Google software engineer Zach Vorhies is on a mission to educate Americans about the tech giant’s illegal rigging of search algorithms that he maintains are shrouded in Articial Intelligence and machine learning that censor Conservatives and supporters of President Donald Trump.

He spoke to True Pundit’s Thomas Paine and revealed that the Conservative upstart publisher was on Google’s blacklist and specifically said Google is on a mission to censor and potentially ruin True Pundit and Conservative news sites just like it.

At the top of this story is a portion of the alarming interview with Vorhies. He has turned his evidence over to the Justice Department.

After an icognito interview with Project Veritas last month, today Vorhies went public.

Vorhies stressed Google fabricates search results by feeding the algorithms using Google’s twisted definition of fake news which largely contains any news published against Democrats and liberal rain makers like the Clinton’s, the Obama’s and their cohorts. Whether the content is verified or not, it matters little, Vorhies said. Google and it’s subsidiary YouTube still flag the news sites as fake news.

And their content is suppressed.

The truth has little to do with getting flagged and censored while protecting the Liberal overlords that Google brass are aligned with politically is what largely drives the algorithms.

Social justice issues are likewise favored by the AI, Vorhies said.

“It’s rigged against True Pundit and many others,” Vorhies said. “You don’t even have a chance.”

This story is developing.

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