WATCH: Flake’s Son Snaps; Drops N-Word & Points Gun At His Head in Bizarre Video of Simulated Suicide


Arizona is not sending up their best people.

Let’s take a step back to Jeff Flake’s apology to voters after his son snapped on the internet, using the N-word and waiving a pistol around during a simulated suicide.

Normally, the actions of Flake’s son Tanner would be off limits but the U.S. Senator has porpelled himself into the spotlight after his debacle last week and folks are starting to take a closer look at Flake.

That includes his parenting skills which rival his lousy skills as a lawmaker.

Let’s travel back to 2013.

You have to love the way the MSM spun this story into parenting today is really challenging so don’t blame Sen. Flake. Yeah, right.

Please don’t confuse this son with another son of Flake’s who killed 20 dogs.

There goes Father of the Year.

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