WATCH: Don Lemon Bemoans Kevin Hart Not Wanting To Be An ‘LGBT Ally’


Don Lemon of CNN is upset over the fact that comedian Kevin Hart refuses to join his herd of card-carrying activists and become an LGBT ally.

As 2018 came to a close, Kevin Hart pulled out of hosting the upcoming Oscars show over old jokes he made several years ago that some members of the LGBT community found offensive. Recently, Don Lemon called upon Kevin Hart to speak with him about productive ways he can make inroads to the LGBT community. Apparently, the two shared an hour-long off-the-record conversation over the weekend; Lemon seemed none too happy with the results. The CNN host said:

I’m not coming for Kevin, OK? This is just…we’re trying to learn and have a dialogue and a conversation here because when talking about this story on this program, I asked Kevin to reach out to me. And guess what, over the weekend he did. He called me. We spoke at length, we spoke for over an hour. And then we talked after that and we texted and whatever. But it was mostly an off-the-record conversation because I wanted him to be honest with me and I just, I just wanted us to talk to each other and to listen.

While the conversation took place off-the-record, Lemon noted that Hart agreed he could speak in “generalities” about the “overall tone” of their conversation. – READ MORE

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