WATCH: Diamond and Silk Throw Jesse Watters Off-Guard with Incredible Slam on Maxine Waters


Popular pro-Trump vloggers Diamond and Silk — whose real names are Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson — joined Fox News host Jesse Watters on his program Saturday evening to discuss the anti-Trump stance adopted by the congresswoman, among other topics, and characterized the member of Congress who has incited harassment against the Trump administration as a “domestic terrorist,” according to Real Clear Politics.

About midway through the segment, Watters asked the ladies for their response to remarks made by Trump at a rally in Montana about Maxine Waters, and proceeded to play a clip of the commentary in which Trump referred to her as a “low IQ individual,” with a level of intelligence “somewhere in the mid-60s.”

“Maxine is in a bit of a beef with some of the top Democrats. Chuck Schumer told her to pipe down with all the crazy talk about rushing people at restaurants, and now a bunch of black Democrats are saying, ‘Hey, leave Maxine alone, Crying Chuck’ — it’s just a little civil war over there on the Democratic side. What do you guys think?” the Fox News host asked. – READ MORE


Maxine Waters has never been the mildest and most judicious of  politicians, but there is a method to her current (extreme) madness.  She does have something to be afraid of.  Identity politics — her bread and butter — is, for the first time in years, in some trouble.

This is particularly true in the black community, where Donald Trump’s approval level is climbing. And the reason for this isn’t all Kanye West.  African Americans have the lowest unemployment rate ever under Trump and are beginning to have more cash and better lives.

This is not good for Maxine and she knows it.  No more fancy house in Hancock Park.  She  might have to go back and live with her constituents in South Central. Hell, she might even be voted out. Hence, the acting out.

The problem for the Democrats in general is that it’s not good for them either.  They depend on these groups doing poorly and, much as they wish they could, can’t easily separate themselves from the execrable Waters and her equally execrable cohorts like @TheRevAl.READ MORE

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