WATCH: Dershowitz Comes Unglued Under Epstein Cross Examination and Grilling From YouTube Journalist


Alan Dershowitz came unglued during a pressing interview about his former legal client and world-renown pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and for someone who is lauded as top legal mind and academic, Dershowitz’s spiral during the interview was something to watch.

In fact, the constitutional law and criminal law expert ended up abruptly ending the interview after fielding uncomfortable questions about Epstein’s role as an Intelligence asset.

We suppose Dershowitz is used to the FOX News crew that tosses him softballs during interviews in lieu of real questions like from Jason Goodman’s CrowdSource the Truth that frazzled the legal expert.

In a related and strange rant during the same interview Dershowitz maintained that anyone who does not submit to a forced vaccine for COVID-19 in America should be jailed or locked away in their homes in seclusion. Permanently. So much for Constitutional law.

Perhaps it’s little wonder why Dershowitz limits his interviews to the mainstream media who fawn over the Harvard professor’s resume instead of asking him serious questions. Watch below:

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