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WATCH: Dem Senator Politicizes Florida School Shooting From Senate Floor — Before Shooter Is Even Apprehended


On Wednesday afternoon, chaos erupted at a Florida high school. A shooting left at least 14 injured before Broward County officials announced the alleged shooter had been taken into custody.

But before the shooter was apprehended, before many parents had been reunited with their children, and before an accurate count had been released of the injured and dead, the drama had already begun to unfold on the Senate floor.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) took to the floor initially to talk about immigration, but he decided in the moment to go in a very different direction – READ MORE

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Big Drama on CNN as the network’s Deep State analyst breaks down in tears after a school shooting in Florida.

More fake news?

You be the judge.

Just two weeks ago Philip Mudd threatened Trump on behalf of the FBI:

“You’ve been around for 13 months. We’ve been around since 1908,” Mudd said on CNN’s The Situation Room “I know how this game is going to be played. We’re going to win.”

Must (Not) see TV.

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