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WATCH: Crazy Pelosi Gives a Completely Nonsensical Answer To This Poor Reporter


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi gave perhaps the dumbest response of the week when a reporter asked her if President Trump should testify against James Comey.

“[Trump] essentially accused Comey of lying under oath yesterday…do you think the president needs to go under oath to address this?” a reporter asked Pelosi during a press conference Friday.

“Oh gosh, it would take me all day to tell you what I think the president should be doing,” Pelosi said with a shocked look on her face.

She then completely ignored the question and went on an unrelated rant.

“It takes a certain curiosity to learn the facts, to base your comments on evidence and data, truth,” Pelosi rambled. “It takes a certain discipline to be able to prioritize what is important as we try to bring the country together.”

“And it takes some kind of stamina to keep your thoughts together,” she said, somewhat ironically.

The rant continued for a bit before she finally addressed the reporter’s question.

“So I don’t know…if the president should testify, if that’s your question. Maybe it would come to that,” she said. “He’s already on a reality show so maybe this would fit into his agenda.”


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