WATCH: Conway Bashes Congress For Lack Of Action, Pushes Tax Reform


White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway ripped Congress Thursday for lack of action on major issues like taxes and healthcare, and said it’s time for legislators to listen to their constituents and stop obstructing.

“You can’t get basic things done. Republicans have promised to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Pass tax reform. The president stands ready to sign these major initiatives into law. There’s obstruction and resistance by the left. They said that they’re for a better deal but all we’ve seen is the same old spiel,” Conway said during an interview on “Fox and Friends.”

She said voters want a simpler, fairer tax code and are tired of burdensome regulations and red tape.

“These Republican and Democratic Senators and members of Congress are accountable to their constituents.  And their constituents are telling them we need tax relief and we need tax reform. We want a system that is simpler, fairer, get rid of this draconian Byzantine several thousand page tax code … and we want this to be a jobs bill. If you reduce the tax burden on job creators and job holders you are giving people a pay raise and you’re helping them to create more jobs,” she said.

Conway also called on Congress to discard partisan politics when voting on a relief package for victims of Tropical Storm Harvey.

“The president will go ask Congress for money. Depending on where the needs are. But that is his intention. He wants to make sure people know that he is there, that we are all there for them and put politics aside. We only hope that Congress can do that. I mean the last eight months if past is prologue, have not been profiles in courage,” Conway said.

She bashed Congress’ approval rating and said it’s time for lawmakers to take a “hard look” at themselves.

“I think Congress should look at their own approval ratings. They seem obsessed with everybody else’s approval ratings. The media and Congress should take a deep hard look at their approval ratings, which aren’t so hot folks, and recognize that a lot of that is because they’re seen as obscurantists and resistant,” Conway concluded.

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