WATCH: CNN Host And Georgetown Prof. Gang Up On Trump Supporter For Almost 15 Minutes


CNN played host to another shouting match over race relations when it pitted Georgetown Professor Michael Eric Dyson against Trump surrogate Brunell Donald-Kyei with chaotic results.

We are tired of the bickering back and forth,” Donald-Kyei said. “The president says there are problems on all sides. Imagine, your fellow journalists had urine and feces thrown on top of them and nobody has condemned that! No one’s said that. And that wasn’t the white supremacists, that was antifa.”

New Day” co-host Poppy Harlow took Dyson’s side, going after Donald-Kyei for comparing white supremacists to the anarchists of Antifa. “No one is defending throwing urine etc, but there is a strong difference between people fighting for equality and people fighting for wiping out people off of this earth,” Harlow said.

Donald-Kyei responded pointing out the counter protesters in Charlottesville were armed and went there with intent to disrupt. “They all had weapons down there though. You know that. They didn’t come to just protest. They came armed as well to counter protest,”Donald-Kyei said.

Dyson accused Donald-Kyei, a black woman, of being complicit in the racism of America to which she called him a race-baiter who’s pushing hateful division.

“Help the nation. You’re not helping. You’re race baiting. Help our young people. They’re dying out there! They’re dying! They need jobs,”Donald-Kyei said.

“Bold words, self-hatred,” Dyson replied.

Donald-Kyei cited President Donald Trump’s economic success, but Dyson immediately rebuked her and called Trump a racist and a bigot.

“As long as he brings jobs he can be a bigot? As long as he bring jobs he can be a racist?” Dyson asked.  He then accused Trump of race-baiting, referring to when Trump questioned former President Barack Obama’s citizenship and the president’s stance illegal immigration.

“He was a race baiter from the very beginning. so the amplification of his bigotry is no surprise, but nonetheless disparaging, and if Brunell would wake up and smell the coffee that has no cream, she would see the unvarnished hatred that has been revealed,”

Donald-Kyei said she could hear the hatred in Dyson’s voice.

“Not at all. Passion, baby. Passion. Intelligence with passion. FIRE. Dropping bombs on ya,” Dyson said.

They continued shouting over one another. Harlow threatened to shut down the interview if she was unable to weigh in and ask a question. However, Harlow didn’t pose a question but rather defended Dyson’s assertion that Trump was race baiting

“President Trump as civilian Trump, before he was a candidate, time and time again with no basis in fact, questioned where President Obama was born and what religion he ascribed to. That is on President Trump and President Trump alone,” Harlow said.

Donald-Kyei suggested the birther accusation originally came from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Harlow jumped back in to debunk the claim. Donald-Kyei told Harlow “do the research.”

Harlow stopped the discussion several times to clarify points Donald-Kyei made, but never once did she stop the discussion to challenge Dyson, even referring to herself and Dyson as “we” when rebutting Donald-Kyei points.

“We’re talking about the way he [Trump] responded. I’m asking you about the way he responded,” said Harlow

The interview ended on a climatic note when Donald-Kyei accused Dyson of being a race-baiter for the second time.

“What is a race-baiter? I’m an author of 20 books I’ve dropped, Dyson replied.” What ya got, what ya got for me? Ma’am, all I’m telling you is I’m teaching, writing, preaching. I got a lot of jobs.”

Harlow promised to bring both guests back on together, and Dyson replied, “Bless you. Holla,”

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