WATCH: CNN asks Democratic voters for opinions on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Their responses should scare the GOP.


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked a panel of six Democratic voters for their thoughts on democratic socialist star Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), and the panel’s collective reaction ought to make every Republican voter and politician nervous.

While CNN’s own tweet overstated that “the panel erupted in cheers,” the voters — all of whom supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 — indicated that Ocasio-Cortez, 29, should enjoy a long political career if Democratic voters have anything to say about it.

Panelist Carol Evans excitedly noted “what a woman” while panelist Mary Reaman called the newly minted congresswoman “badass” and “amazing.”

“She’s asking the right questions. I don’t feel like she’s playing games,” Reaman added. “I’m so excited about her. She is smart, she is intelligent, and I cannot wait to see what else she does.”- READ MORE

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