WATCH: CNN anchor Chris Cuomo threatens to throw a man down stairs ‘like a f—–g punk’ after being called ‘Fredo’


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo erupted at a man who called him “Fredo” Sunday in New York.

In video of the incident (warning, graphic language), Cuomo –– the brother of Gov. Cuomo –– reacts to being compared to the weakest Corleone brother from the film “The Godfather” with less cool than his on-air personality would suggest.

“I’ll f—in’ ruin your s—. I’ll f—in’ throw you down these stairs stairs like a f—— punk,” Cuomo says in the video.

Cuomo goes on to tell the man that being called “Fredo” is the Italian-American equivalent of an African-American person being called the N -word. – READ MORE

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