WATCH: CNN Anchor Asks Same Question 3 Times, Farmer Knows Exactly How to Answer


A CNN host gave a soybean farmer three swings at a chance to criticize President Donald Trump’s trade policy, but in the end it was the host who struck out.

On Wednesday CNN’s Brooke Baldwin interviewed soybean farmer Mark Jackson. Trump has slapped tariffs on Chinese imports, resulting in Chinese retaliation that has sapped soybean sales.

“Are you supportive of what the president’s doing?” Baldwin asked on “CNN Newsroom” on Wednesday, according to TheBlaze. “And you know we talked a lot, I talked to a pork farmer last week about, you know, this whole $15 billion bailout for a lot of farmers who needed it.”

“Are you in support of the president and do you have any concerns that he’s fighting this on multiple fronts?” she added. “Are you worried about that hitting you long-term?” – READ MORE


CNN’s Chris Cuomo promoted an insane conspiracy theory on Wednesday night, suggesting that President Donald Trump was cultivating a base that believes in a conspiracy theory and that he was secretly sending messages to people who believe in the conspiracy theory.

Cuomo floated the idea that Trump supporters who believe in the “QAnon” conspiracy theory could be looking for cryptic messages in Trump’s tweets and that it is possible the president could be sending secret messages through his tweets to communicate with fringe elements of his base.

Conservative Review notes that “QAnon is an anonymous online figure (or possibly figures) who maintain claims to a top-level security clearance and pertinent information on the deep state and administration.”- READ MORE

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