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    WATCH: Bill Murray Betrays Hollywood, Drops a Scorching Hot Nuke on Identity Politics


    On Friday, iconic comedian Bill Murray took on identity politics and political correctness that are consuming comedy. Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Murray lamented politicians, particularly Democrats, perpetually separating the American people into groups based on identity instead of speaking to the whole, which he says is being reflected in comedy.

    “It’s ‘Clash of Clans’ everyday, first thing in the morning,” said Murray of the divisive nature of politics.

    In comedy, continued the 67-year-old, writers and performers are largely speaking to only one side of the aisle, and any deviation from the Left gets you branded as “right-wing” (which we all know is considered blasphemy in Hollywood). – READ MORE

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    At an event at Virginia Tech over the weekend, conservative comedian and podcast host Steven Crowder argued for the conservative focus on the superiority of ideas over identity politics in a way that only he can.

    “I do not understand why there is anything wrong … with acknowledging the superiority of ideas. That’s it,” he said in response to a student’s question about how to push back against the overwhelmingly liberal culture’s unfair characterization of the conservative worldview.

    “If you’re focusing on ideas and not identity politics, if you’re focusing on the superiority of ideas, that’s how you stop the Nazis … not how you start the Nazis,” said Crowder. “Identity politics starts the Nazis. The war of ideas — saying, ‘We believe that constitutional freedoms, we believe that basic human rights, we believe that everybody is entitled to the same human rights’ — that stops bad ideas.” – READ MORE


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