WATCH: Biden spox admits Obama knew about Hunter Biden’s Ukraine business deals


According to Joe Biden’s spokeswoman, President Obama was well aware of his vice president’s son, Hunter Biden, raking in millions from a Ukrainian gas company and didn’t think it was an issue.

Kate Bedingfield, the elder Biden’s deputy campaign manager, appeared on MSNBC to discuss her boss’ recent editorial in The Washington Post when she confirmed what many folks already suspected: President Obama knew Hunter Biden received $50,000 a month from Burmisa Holdings while his father oversaw relations with the Ukraine and did nothing about it.

“Look, every single independent outlet that’s looked into this has said there’s no issue of wrongdoing here. You know, in 2014 the White House cleared Hunter Biden serving on that board,” Bedingfield said.

“So he’s absolutely been asked that question and he’s answered it many times,” she said, referring to Hunter Biden’s shady business. – READ MORE

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