WATCH: Behar Snaps After McCain Calls Her Out for Blaming Shooting on Trump, Guns


Monday on The View, co-host Joy Behar snapped at her fellow co-host Meghan McCain after she was called out for changing the topic twice to make a liberal point. The second time, Behar lost it, spouting, “I jump to wherever I damn please!” as the audience loudly applauded her for standing up to her right-leaning co-host.

After Sunny Hostin laid part of the responsibility on Trump for “setting the tone” that allegedly made this violence possible, Behar and Hostin then blamed guns, citing many of the recent shootings carried out by people with AR-15s. Behar added,“ou need laws. You need a lot of laws. The fact that some of these crazies all have guns… It’s about laws. Change the laws, you change the behavior.” – READ MORE

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