WATCH: Before He Died, Richard Jewell Warned Us All About the Crooked FBI; Now These Words Are Literally Haunting America & Donald Trump


Richard Jewell learned what Donald Trump is learning about the FBI. But Jewell warned Americans about the crooked government bureau decades ago before he died from illness after his FBI saga.

Today a Hollywood movie about Jewell and his FBI saga, directed by Clint Eastwood opens in theaters. And the timing, sadly, will serve as another reminder that the FBI lost its way — decades ago, not years.

The FBI and the mainstream media who worked with the FBI literally destroyed Jewell’s life after falsely pinning the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Park bombing on the security guard. Jewell actually warned people to clear the area of the bomb and saved lives. The FBI then tried to railroad him into a confession because they saw the timid Jewell as an easy mark.

The complicit media swarmed like vultures and Jewell was easy prey.

Until he fought back. He was innocent but that didn’t matter to the FBI. Or the crazed media.

Jewell died at 44 after suffering a host of health complications from the ordeal, his name forever soiled by crooked government agents and their bosses and lazy news reporters. But what he said before his death is literally haunting — given the current events of the FBI and Donald Trump.

Two disturbing video clips below of Jewell’s warnings about the FBI from the mid 1990s could have been recorded yesterday. That’s how timely his words are — his haunting message has endured.

Sadly, it also means little has changed inside the FBI. And we now, as a nation, are suffering for it. Just like Richard Jewell.

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