WATCH: Andrea Mitchell Uses Weinstein Scandal to Bash Clarence Thomas


Discussing the growing list of sexual harassment and rape allegations against left-wing Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein on her MSNBC show Wednesday afternoon, anchor Andrea Mitchell saw a chance to deflect away from the scandal swirling around the prominent Democratic Party donor to instead attack conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“And you know, we shouldn’t just pretend that it’s just Hollywood, because every profession has its own dynamics. And I remember covering the Clarence Thomas hearings in 1991,” Mitchell declared as she recalled the discredited sexual harassment charges hurled at Thomas by Anita Hill.

Mitchell wrung her hands over how even “liberal stalwarts Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden and others” on the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time “were very eager to shut it down…when the polling overnight on this critical weekend showed that the American people, for whatever reasons, believed what he said rather than what she said.”READ MORE

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