WATCH: Alan Dershowitz shoots holes through newest major development in Mueller’s investigation


Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz issued a stark warning about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation Friday following several major developments in the controversial investigation centering around Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer to President Donald Trump.

Speaking with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Dershowitz predicted Mueller would ultimately “blur the line between crimes and sins” in an effort to paint Trump in negative light.

The reason? According to Dershowitz, it’s because Trump has not committed a crime. It’s only if Mueller’s team “stretch…vague laws” will they potentially secure criminal prosecution, Dershowitz explained.

“I don’t see any crimes,” Dershowitz said. “Collusion itself is not a crime. Using information given by Russia to Wikileaks would not be a crime unless the campaign participated with Wikileaks in the hacking itself. There’s no evidence to support that.”- READ MORE

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