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WATCH: Actor Michael Rapaport Calls VP Pence a ‘Selfish F**k’ for Walking Out of Colts Game



Show of hands for everyone who thought they were going to hear the words, “selfish f**k” in the news today? No? Well, goes to show you probably have too high an opinion of the public discourse. However, there’s a strong likelihood that watching this video will dispel you of any such notions.

“Atypical” star Michael Rapaport weighed-in on Vice President Pence’s decision to walkout of the Colts-49ers game on Sunday, after the VP became offended by watching players protest during the anthem. Rapaport did not waste time letting the world know what he thinks of Pence and his actions.

Picking the highlights from a video like that poses challenges, but there were a few. Rapaport seems to think that Pence’s opposition to gay marriage and other issues defined as gay issues, means that Pence is a closeted homosexual. – READ MORE

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