Wasserman Schultz hangs with lobbyist who threatened Assange’s life


WASHINGTON – Onetime Democratic Party leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose political career has been on a downward spiral ever since Wikileaks’ Julian Assange last year exposed DNC emails online, apparently jumped off a figurative cliff this week – consorting with a lobbyist who publicly threatened Assange with death.

The Florida congresswoman was photographed this week at a meeting with Miami Democratic lobbyist Evan Ross, who made international headlines after he offered to kill the Wikileaks founder and whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Ross, who served as the Miami Democratic Party’s district chairman from 2011-2012 and as president of the Miami-Dade Young Democrats, went on a Twitter rant on July 30 about Assange and Snowden.

“He exposed classified American secrets that endangered lives.” Ross wrote at the time. “He and his buddy Edward Snowden both deserve to meet their maker. I’d be happy to pull the trigger on both of those too.”


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