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Wasserman Schultz blames probe into arrested IT staffer on racial and ethnic bias


Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said in an interview Thursday that the ongoing investigation into her former IT staffer, Imran Awan, is the result of racism.


During an interview with the Sun Sentinel on Thursday, however, Wasserman Schultz said that the FBI’s interest in Awan stems from his background as a Pakistani national.

“I had grave concerns about his due process rights being violated,” she said. “When their investigation was reviewed with me, I was presented with no evidence of anything that they were being investigated for. And so that, in me, gave me great concern that his due process rights were being violated. That there were racial and ethnic profiling concerns that I had,” Wasserman Schultz told the Sun Sentinel.

Additionally, Wasserman Schultz said she believed it was “absurd” to believe that Awan was fleeing to Pakistan, according to the Sun Sentinel. According to the Florida Democrat, Awan had worked out an unpaid leave of absence with a return date some time in September with Wasserman Schultz’s chief of staff, Tracie Pough.


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