WashPost Admits Trump’s Economy Aiding Minorities, Women


President Donald Trump’s Hot Economy Is Raising Wages And Bringing More Sidelined Workers Back Into The Workplace, According To A Grudging Admission By A “wonkblog” Reporter At The Washington Post.

But the reporter, Andrew van Dam, could not bring himself to mention Trump or admit that Trump’s “Hire American” immigration policy is forcing companies to hire and pay sidelined Americans.

Trump’s policy is very different from the recent Presidents who raised the inflow of foreign workers (legal or illegal) whenever businesses complained about having to hire or reward Americans, such as disabled people, former convicts, and dropouts.

Van Dam wrote:

Minorities and women, especially those in their 20s and early 30s, are returning to the workforce. They’ve been drawn back by rising wages and recruited by employers who may have bypassed them when the supply of unemployed Americans seemed inexhaustible.READ MORE

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