Washington Post Throws Editorial Standards Out the Window, Begs Readers To Do Their Job for Them


Trump routinely slams the Post for its incredibly overt display of bias and harshly antagonistic articles against him, and is engaged in something of a feud with the media outlet’s owner, billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

The “journalistic” war being waged by the Post against Trump, his administration and his associates just took on an entirely new level, though, as the paper appears to have outsourced its investigatory work to readers in the never-ending search for more ammunition to use against the president, according to The Daily Wire.

Rather than live up to the editorial standards and journalistic integrity they claim to hold sacrosanct, Post editors have instead asked readers to do the paper’s legwork and help identify the individuals that Trump has gone golfing with during his time in office, most likely so they can be publicly named and shamed for daring to cavort with the president or smeared along with him as somehow being suspect.

That’s right … apparently the most pressing issue facing our nation — for which The Washington Post is calling in additional support from the citizenry to effectively cover — is whom Trump spends his time with on the golf course.

As absurd as that may sound, the actual article in The Washington Post that begs for the aid of readers to help identify Trump’s golf partners is even more ridiculous, especially as it appears to be an earnest request made in all seriousness. – READ MORE


The so-called “deep state” was once dismissed by the media as a conspiracy theory by President Donald Trump and his supporters, yet a liberal Washington Post writer and editor has fully embraced the idea in a new column Friday.

God bless the ‘deep state’,” declared the Pulitzer-Prize winning Eugene Robinson. Despite the fact that he oddly declares “the term itself … propaganda,” Robinson nonetheless declares it a very real phenomenon made up of individuals who “[master] the details of foreign and domestic policy.”

“God bless them. With a supine Congress unwilling to play the role it is assigned by the Constitution, the deep state stands between us and the abyss,” he writes.

Because “Trump have may intentionally or unintentionally given away the store,” in his negotiations with Syria, North Korea or Russia, Robinson says “you have to root for the deep state to find out what transpired” in his meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

These deep state operatives can “find ways to reverse, or at least mitigate, the damage,” according to Robinson. – READ MORE

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