Washington Post: Pelosi’s a ‘Fashion Icon,’ Melania’s Mired in ‘Miscalculations’


Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine carried a sugary article by freelancer Christina Binkley headlined “She may not acknowledge it, but Nancy Pelosi is a fashion icon.” It began with socialist Barbara Ehrenreich, who thinks Pelosi is too “centrist,” but she had to give her fashion props.


Larry O’Connor tweeted:

Thank God for @washingtonpost. This is the kind of journalism that will save the republic. Democracy dies in darkness, or something.

Also, @FLOTUS is LITERALLY a supermodel and the fraudulent, corrupt Democrat Media Complex won’t refer to her as a “fashion icon.” God these people suck.

Actually, the very same Sunday Post Magazine carried a column by Post gossip columnist Helena Andrews-Dyer attacking the First Lady. It was titled “Melania Trump’s miscalculations continue.”

When she sent out photos of an event hosting children of Secret Service members in the renovated White House bowling alley in her “Be Best” branded shirts without any shot with her face in it, “It’s not just a missed opportunity, say experts; it’s a complete miscalculation of the role.” – READ MORE

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