Washington Post Forced To Issue Big Corrections In Cynthia Nixon’s Hit-Piece On Mike Pence


It took four days, but The Washington Post has finally issued some major corrections to an op-ed by “Sex and the City” actress and failed New York Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon in which she declared that Vice President Mike Pence is “insidious and dangerous” and accused him of repeatedly persecuting gay people.

The op-ed, titled “Mike Pence Isn’t ‘Decent.’ He’s Insidious.“, was published on March 2. Four days later, the Post added the following “correction”:

Correction, March 6, 2018: This op-ed originally misstated that when Vice President Pence was president of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, the group published an article urging businesses not to hire gay people. The referenced article concerned whether gay journalists should be permitted to cover matters related to homosexuality without disclosing their sexual orientation. The inaccurate sentence has been removed. Additionally, the op-ed should have noted that Pence’s spokesmen have disputed reports that he has ever supported conversion therapy and also that he played a leading role in Trump administration efforts to ban transgender people from military service.

Oops. Clearly that should have read “corrections” as the “correction” admits to three significant “inaccuracies.”

In the piece, Nixon, a self-described “advocate for progressive causes,” begins by again shaming former Vice President Joe Biden for the apparently egregious error of calling Pence “a decent guy.” After noting that she is among “a chorus of progressives and LGBTQ activists” who blasted Biden and demanded a retraction — a retraction he dutifully offered, stating, “there is nothing decent about being anti-LGBTQ rights” – READ MORE

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