Wash Post: Yeah, Weinstein Was a Monster, But Such Great Movies!


The Washington Post on Friday offered a double dose of creepy as film critic Ann Hornaday called out Harvey Weinstein as a monster, but a monster who made such “important” movies. She also praised a film on the man who created Wonder Woman. It’s a great “love story” about a man, his wife, the other woman and the sex bondage they all loved.

To be clear, Hornaday condemned Weinstein for his alleged sexual assaults. But then she went on to praise the man now accused of rape and of exposing himself: “Weinstein’s importance transcended money and power: He allowed an increasingly corporate industry to convince itself that it could still make art.” 

She reminisced:

And, at a time when the industry was largely turning its attentions to comic books and special effects, he fashioned them into a viable business model. Thanks to the free advertising of their stars’ appearances on red carpet and at congressional hearings, small and midrange movies actually stood a chance of making money. Weinstein’s Oscar campaigns could get brutal, but they gave Hollywood a potentially lucrative alternative to the comic-book spectacles it had pinned its future on. READ MORE

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