Warren Took Money for Senate Campaign From Donors Who Attended Biden’s ‘Swanky Private Fundraiser’


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) attacked Joe Biden for holding a “swanky” fundraiser the first week of his presidential campaign, but several of the donors who attended it appeared at fundraisers for her 2018 Senate race.

Kenneth Jarin, a lawyer who served as a host for Biden, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that Warren’s attacks on her 2020 rival were “preposterous.”

“I was pleased to support Senator Warren, I think she’s a terrific senator, but I think it makes no sense for her to criticize Biden for taking checks at the maximum allowed,” Jarin said. “I know that she took lots and lots of $2,700 checks raising money for her Senate campaigns.”

Warren began attacking Biden, an old rival from her pre-Senate days of consumer advocacy, almost as soon as he entered the race, sending a fundraising email last month blasting his “swanky private fundraiser” at the home of Comcast executive David Cohen. Warren noted to her supporters that Biden had raised as much money in one day as she had in the entire first quarter of 2019. – READ MORE

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