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WaPo Finally Acknowledges Melania As A Strong Female Figure


A Washington Post opinion writer wrote a glowing piece praising First Lady Melania Trump as a “feminine power” for slapping away President Donald Trump’s hand Tuesday.

“In that instant, the first lady became every American woman who donned a pink-kitten hat to protest the then-new president — and cemented her status as star of the show: ‘Melania of Arabia, High Priestess of the Testosterone-Intoxicated, Tiny-Hands Revue’,” Kathleen Parker wrote.

Melania and Ivanka Trump accompanied President Donald Trump on his first trip as president overseas. Parker praised Melania and Ivanka Trump for the way that they dressed when vising Saudi Arabia, saying that the two women must have “struck fear” in culture that expects women to be invisible.

“Preternaturally beautiful, they seemed to glide as apparitions above the sea of dark suits and white robes and must have struck fear in the hearts of men whose culture demands that women be publicly invisible,” Parker said.

Melania and Ivanka also resonated with the women of Saudi Arabia because they demonstrated both “strength” and “intelligence,” Parker continued.

“Despite their apparent ornamentalism, there’s little doubt both women made a lasting impression on Saudi women, who would have recognized and identified with their feminine power. Wordlessly, they projected strength, intelligence, grace — and a timeless wisdom that all women share,” Parker wrote.

Parker ended by claiming that Melania proved, despite Trump, that class still exists in the presidency.

“Thus, as your long-suffering Palm Beach correspondent, I propose a toast to America’s first ladies for showing the world that despite our coarse, ham-fisted president, we have not completely forsaken class,” Parker concluded.

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