WaPo Editorial: ‘Fantastically Generous’ Medicare for All Plans Are ‘Fiction’


The Washington Post editorial board on Thursday launched a broadside against presidential candidates Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) for Medicare for All proposals that are “too good to be true.”

The editorial began by granting the potential benefits of a single payer health care before critiquing the proposals of Sanders and Warren, saying their “fantastically generous benefits” are “fiction.”

“The two presidential candidates promise far more generous benefits than other countries offer. They pretend that the United States wouldn’t have to make any of the trade-offs other nations have had to make,” the board said. “They promise fantastically generous benefits, no premiums, co-payments or other cost-sharing, and a miraculously low price tag. It’s fiction.”

The board blasted Warren for releasing a financial framework for her plan that the Federal Treasury would not be able to pay for.

“Ms. Warren gets there by making some extremely dubious assumptions. First, she claims she can drop the price of prescription drugs deeply below what Medicare currently pays — and even below brand-name prices in Canada,” the board said. “Even if this were politically possible, it would raise huge questions about defunding the research, testing and diffusion of new therapies.” – READ MORE

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