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Want to make yourself a target? Convince your school to become a ‘sanctuary campus’


The Harvard Crimson reports that Faust, a former history professor, said there’s no “legal significance” to the term and it “could actually further endanger undocumented students at Harvard”:

She said she has met with members of Congress and other federal officials to discuss protections for undocumented students.

“It also risks drawing special attention to the students in ways that could put their status in greater jeopardy,” Faust said. “I believe it would endanger, rather than protect, our students, and that is not something I am willing for this institution to do.”

History Prof. Walter Johnson argued that Harvard should “take up moral leadership” by invoking the word “sanctuary,” which has “immense importance” to students and shows that “the University is willing to stand … by their side.” – READ MORE

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