Walmart To Go On Massive Hiring Spree, Give Special Bonus To Hourly Workers During Coronavirus Outbreak


Walmart announced on Thursday evening that it was planning to hire even more employees than Amazon as the two companies struggle to keep up with an explosion in demand due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, which originated in China.

In a statement, Walmart wrote: As part of responding to the current environment, Walmart is also hiring 150,000 new associates through the end of May to work in stores, clubs, distribution centers and fulfillment centers. These roles will be temporary at first, but many will convert to permanent roles over time. We’ve reached out to industry groups representing restaurants and hospitality to facilitate temporary roles that can be a bridge for their employees during this difficult time.

The company said that is was implementing a new process to “dramatically expedite hiring for key roles, such as cashiers and stockers.”

Walmart also announced a special bonus for those who are currently working with the company “in a time of an unprecedented national health crisis.” – READ MORE

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