WACKY: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Predicts Trump Will Resign Soon In Secret Deal With Mueller


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews thinks President Trump might just resign as part of a secret deal with special prosecutor Robert Mueller in an effort to avoid prosecution of himself or members of his family.

“The president’s children stand right in the line of Mueller’s investigative progress,” Matthews said this week on his show “Hardball,” referring to Ivanka and Donald Jr. “They stand as the next dominoes to fall,” Matthews said, noting that the Trump children can “hardly testify against their father.”

Matthews then mused about a solution. “But what if the prosecutor were to offer the president an alternative?” he said. “What if he were to say he would let the children walk if the old man does the same? That would mean giving up the presidency in exchange for acquittals all around ― not just for himself, but for all his kids,” said Matthews, who famously got a “thrill” up his leg whenever he watched former President Barack Obama speak.

The TV host said it’s happened before, citing the resignation of Vice President Spiro Agnew in 1973, who struck a deal with prosecutors to avoid jail time for tax evasion. “Leverage the office while you still have it. So let’s watch the probable events of the coming weeks bring all this to a breaking point,” Matthews said. – READ MORE

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