Vulnerable Democrats Say They’re Being Abandoned Over Impeachment


Vulnerable Democrats are telling party leaders that they are concerned the House Intelligence Committee didn’t make its case for impeachment to the American people and that Republicans will have the upper hand on messaging as legislators head home for Thanksgiving.

Politico reports that moderate and “red-state” Democrats are particularly worried, especially with the news that the GOP has purchased more than $8 million in ads to air during the Thanksgiving holiday, targeting potential voters who weren’t convinced by Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) “open and shut” case for impeachment, which aired over the last two weeks.

The GOP plans to air the ads in “vulnerable” districts with lots of independents and moderate Democrats — the same voters who abandoned the Democrat party to vote for now-President Donald Trump back in 2012. Those voters are approachable on the issue, according to several polls taken last week.

Independents have been abandoning the impeachment inquiry in droves, and the media has followed suit. The hearings that took place late last week were relegated to C-SPAN and 24-hour cable news networks as basic cable abandoned them for more popular regular programming. Support for impeaching the president fell below 50% for the first time on Friday, as independents indicated they were unconvinced by Rep. Schiff’s dog-and-pony show. –READ MORE

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