Vox Video Says Fox News Puts Us In ‘Hell’


It’s no secret that liberals despise that Fox News exists. But what’s especially humorous is when liberals pretend that they don’t have a “partisan front group” network like Fox. MSNBC is somehow nonpartisan. So is CNN. The Washington Post can decry democracy dying in darkness under Trump, and they’re still nonpartisan. The liberal site Vox made a viral video claiming that there is a “hack gap” in the media, which explains why “conservative nonsense dominates American politics.”

CARLOS MAZA: In an ideal world, political journalism looks like this. On either side, you’ve got the parties fighting for the attention of the press. and in the middle you’ve got journalists, sorting out what’s important and what’s just partisan bull—t. This is called gatekeeping, and it’s one of the most important things journalists do. Political operatives can spin whatever talking points they want, but ultimately it’s journalists who decide what we pay attention to.

That is in an ideal world, and we don’t live in an ideal world. We live in Hell, and in Hell, there’s Fox News.READ MORE

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