Voters Do Not Think Joe Biden Will Complete His First Term, Making His VP Pick the Real Nominee


The upcoming announcement of Joe Biden’s vice president may be the most consequential in history. This fact is magnified by a Rasmussen poll that shows 59% of likely voters think Biden is unlikely to finish a four-year term. Astoundingly, this includes 49% of Democrats.

Think about what that means. Almost half of Democrats could be prepared to vote for Biden fully assuming his vice presidential pick will assume the office before 2024 if the Democrat ticket wins. Hopefully, this means some are skeptical of a party that would put an obviously cognitively impaired candidate at the top of the ticket. A recent video from the Trump campaign highlights Biden’s noticeable decline. It is dramatic:

Under these conditions, it is no surprise that Democrats attach more importance to the vice-presidential pick than Republicans or Independents. Fifty-nine percent of Democrats attach importance to it compared to 32% of Republicans and 43% of unaffiliated voters.

These numbers could shift significantly as Biden is forced to leave the basement and debate. As more Americans start to pay attention, more exposure is likely to highlight Biden’s new behaviors. These include becoming confrontational when he is under pressure and losing his train of thought and saying he is done speaking. – READ MORE

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