Virtue Signaling: Film Academy President Vows to Support ‘Vulnerable’ Women But Won’t Say How


Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president John Bailey has said the organization will not represent an “inquisitorial court” into sexual harassment in the movie industry but would seek to improve standards of behavior, although he didn’t specify how the Academy would seek to do so.

“The Academy cannot, and will not, be an inquisitorial court,” Bailey wrote in an email to the organization’s more than 8,000 members Tuesday. “But we can be a part of a larger initiative to define standards of behavior, and to support the vulnerable women and men who may be at personal and career risk because of violations of ethical standards by their peers.”

He also made a reference to the to the 1928 silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc, arguing that “recent public testimonies by some of filmdom’s most recognized women regarding sexual intimidation, predation, and physical force is, clearly, a turning point in the film industry—and hopefully in our country, where what happens in the world of movies becomes a marker of societal Zeitgeist.” READ MORE

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