Virginia Governor Mum on Agenda as Democrats Introduce Radical Gun-Control Bills


Governor Ralph Northam (D., Va.) won’t say which of the gun-control bills introduced by his party in the last week he will support, despite an intense public focus on the issue.

While Northam outlined a general gun-control plan last year, he has yet to specify which of the proposals introduced by Democrats in the state legislature he will support in the coming year. In recent days, Northam’s colleagues in the state legislature have introduced bills including an “assault firearms” sales-ban-and-registration scheme, a proposal to outlaw the NRA’s range in northern Virginia, and blueprints for the confiscation of magazines holding more than 10 rounds, silencers, and certain kinds of ammunition.

The governor’s lack of clarity leaves his position on these controversial bills up in the air. That has sowed confusion among both gun-rights leaders and average Virginians about how far to the left Democrats plan to move the state’s gun laws. Northam’s silence has made it difficult for Virginians to know which bills will move forward in the legislature, despite his recent commitment to center the gun debate around facts.

“As this discussion begins, let’s have an honest conversation based on fact, not fear,” Northam said in a speech opening the session on Wednesday. “We will engage in civil dialogue. I ask all Virginians to refrain from promoting fear and intimidation.” – READ MORE

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