Violent Extremists Attack Federal Courthouse In Portland


Federal law officers were dispersed in Portland, Oregon as violent extremists set fires and smashed windows attack at a federal courthouse.

Federal law officers were dispersed in Portland, Oregon, Thursday night, as violent extremists set fires and smashed windows, in an attack at a federal courthouse.

“Dozens of demonstrators assembled near the courthouse Thursday night, and some of them broke glass at the federal building and lit fires,” reported.

Federal officers responded by “deploying impact munitions, tear gas, flash-bang grenades and smoke bombs,” they added.

Accounts indicate protesters were repeatedly warned that they were trespassing on federal property.

Fox News notes that Portland “has seen almost daily and nightly protests for much of the past year.”

This particular attack on the courthouse, according to videos and journalists on the scene, was a result of protests over a pipeline, as well as the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. – READ MORE

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